flap mail user agent

flap is a mail user agent written in pure Java. Its main distinctive feature is mounting message folders (like POP3 or IMAP) into a virtual folder tree, just like on Unix. Other features are a full-featured macro language (using BeanShell) as well as an extensive filter rule set.

The project is hosted on SourceForge.net, where you will also find news items, new releases as well as the full CVS source tree.

flap is licensed unter the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Download flap 0.3 (view changelog)

Drop POP3 support?

I'm currently thinking about dropping POP3 support in the way that you can't add POP3 folders to the virtual folder tree anymore. The fact that it takes hours just to get a listing of all the messages in your POP3 box into the message table just makes it unusable for a client like flap.

Instead I'd rather concentrate on ways to make your POP3 box available offline, ie. by moving the messages into another folder in your virtual folder tree. This way they could either be transferred into a folder on your local disk or into any other IMAP folder you have.

What do you think? Let me know!


This screenshot shows flap 0.1 - that's why it looks so simple :)


If you have questions or suggestions regarding the further development of flap, PLEASE don't hesitate to either subscribe to the mailing lists or drop me a note to bZ@iq-computing.de.

That's about it for now,
Maik Schreiber